Anyone who pays attention to the tech world knows that a second-generation iPad will be unveiled on Wednesday. In the blogosphere, the rumor mill has it that the new device will boast a camera and a faster processor. It will also be thinner and smaller, the bloggers say, and it may come in white.

As someone who can never own too many tech toys, I find myself strangely disinterested. It happens that I like my decrepit, first-generation iPad. A year later, it’s still a revolutionary machine. It still amazes me with all that it can do. It’s fast enough, and if I want to take photos, I’ve got my phone. In  an emergency, I can even use a camera.

This is how it goes with technology. The next generation of products will always be faster and lighter – and often cheaper.

For me, the more interesting question is: Which combination of devices best fits my needs. A smart phone is a no-brainer. It’s pocketable, and sometimes I even use it as a phone. I like the iPad because it is great for reading. I can use it sitting on the couch, and it’s unobtrusive in a coffee shop or on an airplane.

But then what? Do I want the speed, power and memory of a full-sized laptop, or would I prefer the portability of one of the new streamlined laptops. The new MacBook Air has a full-sized keyboard and still weighs less than three pounds. It’s very slick.

In the world of technology, whatever we buy falls off the cutting edge about five minutes later. Which means I won’t be rushing to buy a new iPad. There is a new laptop in my future. I just don’t know which to choose.

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