Lori A. Carter reports this morning that more than 1,000 people attended Sunday afternoon’s benefit for Cristina Garcia, 16, and Alexis Vargas, 17.

If you were there, you know this was an extraordinary event, combining the best of what a community can offer – compassion, energy, generosity and pride. Whether they knew Cristina and Alexis or not, people wanted to be there to show their support, to show how their town steps up when others need help.

As Supervisor Efren Carrillo noted, all kinds of people showed up to lend a hand. They could be seen setting up tables, serving food, playing music or just dropping a few dollars in a basket.

Two days before Christmas, Cristina and her cousin, Alexis, were seriously injured in a traffic accident in Mexico. Cristina’s mother, Maria Torres Garcia, was killed. You can read Carter’s story about a community’s generosity and see Christopher Chung’s photo of Cristina and friends by clicking here.

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