Sonoma County polling places opened for business a few minutes ago. They may be able to put up signs: No lines, no waiting. As Staff Writer Bleys W. Rose reported in this morning’s election preview, all signs point to a woeful turnout. Absentee ballots have been returned at about half the rate of return in previous supervisorial elections.

Some observers say there isn’t enough on the ballot to energize local voters. There are no countywide races or measures – only contests in three supervisorial districts and the Bay Area state Senate district that includes the south county. Meanwhile, the statewide ballot is limited to two more measures on the arcane subject of eminent domain. Snore.

Other observers blame the low turnout on the decision to move the presidential primary to February, leaving local elections in June. Recall that California hoped to increase the state’s role in the selection of the nominees for president, but that meant three statewide elections in one year- February, June and November.

So . . . should we blame a less-than-exciting ballot or election fatigue? Probably, some of both.

If you live in the Healdsburg or Gravenstein school districts, you have one more reason to vote. Both districts will decide parcel taxes today.