In the story, an optimistic child is shown a room full of horse manure. He begins shoveling happily, while declaring, “I know there’s a pony here somewhere.”

When it comes to elections, political junkies are like that. For the faithful, there is no such thing as a boring election – even elections short on drama.

Today’s election, for example.

This morning, local folks with an addiction to politics were invited to predict the outcomes of today’s election. What will be the order of finish in the state Senate primary? What will be the percentages of yes and no votes on two state ballot measures? What will be the order of finish in three supervisorial elections, and will run-off elections be necessary? Will Hillary Clinton concede, or pledge to keep on fighting? Will Arnold Schwarzenegger resign, declaring that California is hopeless and that he is moving his family to Nevada?

OK, so I made up the last question.

By the way, if you know the answers to the other questions, your help would be appreciated, but I need the answers before the polls close.