Sharon Wright and Shirlee Zane, rivals in the hotly contested Third District supervisorial race, both live in Santa Rosa’s upscale MacDonald Avenue neighborhood. So, it’s probably no coincidence that this week this tony district is bristling with campaigns signs.

The signs shout-out across expansive front lawns and wide streets flanked by elegant houses. “Wright… Zane… Wright… Zane…” I don’t remember another neighborhood with so many campaign signs.

Note to sociologists: Here is a rare opportunity to explore the richness of human emotions in the heat of a campaign. Are the neighbors still smiling and waving at one another? Does this house have three signs because the one across the street has two? Will there be in any residual competition after the election is decided and the signs are back in the garage?

Politics, especially hometown politics, can become fractious. On these leafy streets, it would be interesting to know whether neighbors are having trouble being neighborly after Nov. 4.