We now have the final voter registration numbers for Tuesday’s election. If nothing else, they explain why Democratic candidates in the North Bay don’t lose much sleep in the days before an election. In Sonoma County, for example, there are more than twice as many registered Democrats as registered Republicans.

The numbers also confirm that more voters are dissatisfied with both major parties. More than one in five California voters is officially decline-to-state.

Here are the highlights for Sonoma County:

Citizens of voting age: 339,466.

Registered voters: 248,273 (73.14 per cent of the total).

Democrats: 129,434 (52.13 percent).

Republicans: 56,468 (22.74 percent).

Decline-to-state: 49,382 (19.89 percent).

American Independent: 5,438 (2.19 percent).

Green: 4,501 (1.81 percent).

A county-by-county breakdown of voter registration is available from the Secretary of State’s office here

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