Since he leaves office in January, Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t have to worry about being recalled.

Lucky for him. The Sacramento Bee today reports that Schwarzenegger now has the same approval rating as former Democratic Gov. Gray Davis.

You member Davis. He’s the guy who was recalled when Schwarzenegger, the action movie star, was swept into office on a promise to clean-up the mess in Sacramento.

The movie did not have a happy ending.

A new Field Poll shows that just 22 percent of state voters approve of Schwarzenegger’s performance as governor. The state Legislature’s approval rating is just 16 percent.

Each time these approval ratings are published, someone asks the relevant question: Exactly who thinks these people are doing a good job?

Are they partisan loyalists? Members of the immediate family? Hopeless optimists? Residents of Siberia?

With state and local government coming unraveled, it’s not surprising that 79 percent of the voters think California is on the wrong track. To read the Bee story, click here.

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