Good morning. To start your Election Day, here’s a pop quiz. No gum chewing or Twittering, and please keep your eyes on your own computer screen. You may begin:

(1) Within 10,000 people, how many Sonoma County residents are eligible to vote?

(2) And how many are registered to vote?

(3) True or false, more Sonoma County residents are registered declined to state than are registered Republican.

(4) True or false, more Sonoma County residents are registered with the American Independent Party than are registered with the Green Party.

The answers come from the last pre-election report from the California Secretary of State:

(1) There are 337,812 local residents eligible by age and citizenship to vote.

(2) Only 245,136 are registered to vote.

Election officials expect more than half, about 140,000 people, to cast ballots – although some unofficial election watchers expect the turnout to be smaller. (Statewide, only about a third of the registered voters are expected to cast ballots.)

(3) The answer is, false. Declined to state voters represent 19.61 percent of the registered voters. Republicans represent 22.8 percent.

(4) The answer is, true. American Independent Party voters represent 2.10 percent of the registered voters. Green Party members represent 1.87 percent of the total.

Other parties: Democrats, 52.34 percent; Libertarian, 0.59 percent; Peace and Freedom, 0.27 percent; other, 0.35 percent.

BTW, more than half of the ballots counted today will be absentee ballots.

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