My latest column describes how candidates and office holders are using social media to connect to voters and constituents. To visit some of these Twitter feeds, click on the links below. (I’ll post Facebook links later.)

If you want to know more about how Twitter works and how you can subscribe, go here.

If you think I’ve missed any links worth sharing, send me an e-mail at and I’ll add them to the list.

My column mentions SRPolitics, which is accessible here.

Second Supervisorial District

John King.

Pam Torliatt.

David Rabbitt.

Fourth Supervisorial District

Debora Fudge.

Mike McGuire.

District Attorney

Stephan Passalacqua.

Jill Ravitch.

Board of Supervisors

Valerie Brown.

Efren Carrillo.

Paul Kelley.

Shirlee Zane.

State Senate

Noreen Evans.

State Assembly

Michael Allen.

Lee Pierce.

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