I hate standing in line, but there I was this morning, lined up at the Apple store. I couldn’t help myself. It was like Christmas morning when I was five years old.

No one should confuse this with adult behavior. On the other hand, I’m holding the package that contains my new iPad, and it feels pretty good.

I don’t know how Apple tricked me into becoming a hopeless fan boy, but at least I’m not alone. The store was jammed with smiling people who looked happy and excited to be there. It was a party.

Is the iPad a game changer, or not? I’m most interested in what it means for newspapers, magazines and books. Stay tuned. I’ll offer one fan boy’s opinion early next week.

BTW, here’s Martin Espinoza’s report on this morning’s happening. Judging by online traffic, there was nothing unusual about what occurred in Santa Rosa. People lined up at Apple stores all over the country.

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