Anxious techies this week are counting down to Saturday, the day that early adopters finally get their hands on Apple’s new iPad. Will the iPad revolutionize the way people receive and use information, or will it be nothing more than an over-sized iPhone or iPod Touch?  Stay tuned.

When it comes to creating anticipation for a product, there is Apple and then there is every other company in the world. No one outside Apple has laid a finger on an iPad, but the first shipment is already sold out.

CNET reported this morning – here –  that people who already own Apple products are more likely to be interesting in buying the new iPad. Duh. Also, tall people are more likely to play professional basketball.

As one of the Apple obsessed, I almost pre-ordered an iPad last week. Then came word that Saturday’s deliveries were sold-out. I didn’t know whether to feel envy or relief.

The iPad that comes with wireless 3G and GPS doesn’t arrive until late April. Would it be better to wait? Can I stand the wait? Who has taken over my brain?

Observing all the breathless hype, people who don’t know Twitter from Tweedledum may think the geek world has lost its mind. They could be right.

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