Well, we survived another Apple product roll-out and lived to tell about it. After months of build-up, we now know that Apple’s tablet, the iPad, is pretty much what everyone said it would be.

As with all things Apple, this event provoked the usual legions of admirers and detractors. When it comes to Steve Jobs and his company, there are not many folks in the neutral camp. “iPad gets mixed reaction in Sonoma County,” declared the story by Nathan Halverson.

Other companies would do almost anything to generate the roar routinely associated with Apple’s unveilings. Of course, it doesn’t hurt if you have already produced two transformative products, the iPod and the iPhone.

I delayed buying a Kindle, waiting to see what the Apple tablet would do, and now I’m still not sure. I’m probably going to wait until February when I can put my hands on an iPad before deciding. (The iPad does more, but then it also costs more.)

Will the iPad be a Kindle killer? Two New York Times tech writers, Nick Bilton and Brad Stone, were certain of their answers. One said yes, and one said no. Read their comments here and here.

So it goes.

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