In the 17th annual Press Democrat Quiz for News Junkies, the questions were posted earlier today. Now come the answers. Don’t worry about your score. We’re all friends here.

1 – On Nov. 4, 93.4 percent of Sonoma County voters, the highest percentage in the state, cast ballots. Democrat Barack Obama received 73.5 per cent of the votes for president.

2 – Economist Chris Thornberg said he didn’t expect an economic rebound before the first quarter of 2010.

3 – Analy High School in Sebastopol celebrated its 100th anniversary. Nobel Prize winning chemist Willard Libby, the discoverer of carbon dating, graduated in the Analy class of 1926.

4 – True. Officials of Sutter Medical Center announced they now want to construct a 70-bed hospital adjacent to the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts.

5- Her colleagues on the City Council chose Amie Breeze as the new mayor of Rohnert Park.

6 – In 1990, local voters rejected a transportation sales tax, providing money for both rail and highways.

7 – During a halftime speech, interim coach Mike Singletary dropped his pants – his way of demonstrating what was happening to his team on the field. Singletary replaced Mike Nolan.

8 – In announcing her intentions to resign, Santa Rosa Superintendent Sharon Liddell said the financial arrangements associated with her divorce made living in California unaffordable. Later, after turning down a controversial bonus offered by the Board of Education, Liddell decided to stay.

9 – Efren Carrillo was elected to the Board of Supervisors and Ernesto Olivares to the Santa Rosa City Council.

10 – False. Saggio Hill is a controversial development approved by the Healdsburg City Council in 2008.

11 – Sebastopol residents concerned about the health effects almost persuaded the City Council to reject an agreement to provide free WiFi service in the downtown. The council backed down after the city became the butt of Internet jokes. Analy High freshman Gordon Allen asked the council: ‘””Do we really want a reputation as the tin-foil-hat-carrying city of Sebastopol?” (Correction: The council did say that it would reconsider its opposition to the contract, but it never took formal action. According to City Manager David Brennan, the council has not asked to have the issue scheduled for further discussion.)

12- Rep. Lynn Woolsey supported Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. In 2004, she supported Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich.

13 – Bodega Bay was named by Business Week magazine among the most exclusive and expensive small towns in America.

14 – True. Public opposition persuaded the Sonoma City Council to withdraw plans to sell the historic cemeteries as a way to get out from under the maintenance costs.

15 – Jake Arnold, a graduate of Maria Carrillo High School and a two-time NCAA decathlon champion finished fourth in the Olympic trials at Eugene, Oregon.

16 – Proposition 8 was rejected in Sonoma County: yes – 33.6 percent; no – 66.4 percent.

17 – George Perez resigned as CEO of Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.

18 – All seven members of the Petaluma City live on the west side of town, leaving the expansive subdivisions on the east side with no one to speak for their concerns.

19 – For the first time in a half century, the Exchange Bank recorded losses, which were blamed on home construction loans and a faltering real estate industry.

20 – Rep. Mike Thompson of St. Helena was considered for U.S. interior secretary in the Obama administration. The job eventually went to Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar.

21 – After tensions bubbled over, EU officials destroyed 3,200 bottles of Gallo sparkling wine, claiming the California product had no right to call itself champagne.

22 – Happy 150th birthday, Petaluma.

23 – In July, Santa Rosa Police Chief Ed Flint resigned, five weeks after city officials fired his second-in-command, Captain Jamie Mitchell. The interim police chief is Tom Simms, the police chief of Petaluma from 2002 to 2004.

24 – Barack Obama defeated Hillary Clinton 48.8 percent to 43.4 percent.