What’s with the rain? A week after I write a column on the great drought of 2009, Sonoma County gets the second wettest day in May since folks started keeping records (it was during the Hoover administration).

You’re welcome.

And Bob Norberg just reported – here – that there’s more rain to come. If the forecast proves to be accurate, Santa Rosa will receive four times the average rainfall for the month of May – in just the first five days of the month.

We’ll take it, of course. People who live up and down the Russian River watershed need all the water they can get. We know there is a long, dry summer to come.

Ten days after turning off the sprinklers – see last week’s column on the politics of landscaping here – my front lawn is more lush and green than it was two weeks ago. Heck, I may plant more lawn.

(Don’t write letters. I’m just kidding.)